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As per previous verbal agreement and this contract, Between Maria A. Ramos, hereafter called breeder and, hereafter called Buyer. This is a legal binding contract concerning the purchase of a kitten from Saint Cloud Ragdolls Cattery.

Date of  of Deposit:                                              Amount:                                      Balance:                                           

Date paid in full:                                         DOB:                              Color:                                         Sex:                                

Sire:                                                _____  Dam:                                             Sold as:  Pet [ ].... breeder [ ]        

This kitten has been registered with The International Cat Association (TICA). 
TICA registration papers will be provided to buyers upon purchase for breeders, or proof of neutering /spaying for pets.

By prior verbal agreement and signing this Agreement, Buyer and Seller agree to the following: DEPOSITS ARE NOT RETURNABLE. 
This cat/kitten is healthy to the best of Seller’s knowledge and is free from internal and external parasites. Please keep in mind that young kittens may show signs of stress when brought into a new environment which may include sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes, diarrhea or constipation. These should resolve within a few days.

This kitten has a two years guarantee against lethal genetic or congenital defects. If a lethal genetic or congenital defect presents itself within the second year, seller shall replace kitten (less shipping charges, if applicable) upon being provided an necropsy report (at buyer’s expense) from a licensed veterinary stating the unquestionable genetic or congenital defect. No vet bills will be reimbursed by Seller. The kitten will be replaced with a kitten of same sex and color/pattern, if available. If a similar kitten is not available within one year, Buyer may elect to choose a different kitten from a future litter. Upon receipt of kitten, Buyer has three days to have a complete examination performed by a licensed veterinarian of their choosing. Kitten must be kept secluded from all other pets until after examination. The two years health guarantee is void if Buyer fails to have a complete examination performed within 3 days. Upon examination, if the kitten is found to have any life-threatening illness or congenital defect, Buyer must immediately notify Seller and provide Seller with a written statement from a licensed veterinarian stating the unquestionable illness or congenital defect. 

Seller will then replace the kitten with a comparable replacement as soon as available. Buyer agrees to give authorization for Seller to make verbal contact with examining veterinarian before replacing the kitten.  All veterinarian care and associated cost, are the responsibility of the buyer. 

Seller agrees to have given the kitten the first complete set of vaccinations. (follow up booster shots are the responsibility of the buyer) and worming. A copy of the cat/kitten’s health record will be given to Buyer at the time of delivery. Seller acknowledges that cat/kitten has no known disease, illness, congenital or hereditary condition that adversely affects the health of the cat/kitten at the time of sale and has been released by Seller’s veterinarian as being in good health. Viruses,Colds URI's (including FIP), parasites or bacterial infections are not covered under this guarantee as they may be contracted after leaving our cattery and are not a result of genetics or breeding. Kitten will be vaccinated with a chosen veterinarian within 4 weeks from date of last vaccine. The vaccine prevents against Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus and Panleukopenia. Kittens should only be vaccinated with “killed’ virus” or “modified live-virus” vaccines and not “live virus” vaccines. This kitten should not be vaccinated against FIP or FELV as they are controversial and pose too many health risks. Health guarantee is void if the kitten is found to have received these vaccines. Buyer agrees the kitten will NOT be vaccinated with a FVRCP booster AND a Rabies vaccine at the same visit as death may occur. Parents of the kittens have been tested negative for all hereditary and genetic disease including HCM. All cats and kittens at St Cloud Ragdolls Cattery are kept strictly indoors. 

Seller does not warranty the cat/kitten from any adverse reactions against future vaccinations.

Seller makes no guarantees as to personality, size, sex, and coat or eye color. Allergies are not covered under this Contract. 

We maintain a strict closed cattery and once a kitten has left our home, it cannot be reintroduced due to the threat of exposure to viruses, diseases, parasites, etc. If you should no longer be able to keep your kitten, we will work with you to help you to find a suitable home. No refunds will be issued if you unable to keep your kitten.

This kitten will be kept strictly indoors. Allowing your St Cloud Ragdoll kitten outdoors where it may be exposed to diseases, fleas, ticks and parasites, voids the health guarantee. De-claw procedure of any kind is prohibited. These procedure will void this contract

This kitten has been weaned using good quality dry food. It is recommended that you feed the same. We recommend mixing the foods together for at least one week before making a switch to a different brand of food. A sample of the current food the kitten is eating will be provided. This kitten has been litter box trained using Arm & Hammer, Clump & Seal scoopable  litter. It is recommended that you use this same type of litter to avoid any future litter box issues. Kitten must be picked up within 1 week of seller’s notification of pick up. Buyer agrees to pay an extra 25 dollars a week for the caring and feeding of the kitten after the stated time. Buyers with deposit will be allowed to pick their kitten first based on the order in which their deposit was placed. Deposit for a traditional kitten is $200.00/$250.00,  $250.00 for a Mink and a Bew (White) kitten. DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. If for unfortunate circumstances buyer is not able to complete the purchase of the kitten after deposit, buyer have the opportunity of getting another kitten with the same deposit from a future litter within a year period. Deposit is deducted from total price of the kitten and balance will be pay in CASH at pick up of the kitten, We do not accept checks when picking up kittens. 

Kittens that are purchased as pets, MUST NOT BE BRED and must be neutered or spayed between 4 and 6 months of age.  In the event that buyer decides to breed  kittens, buyer MUST pay price difference between breeder and pet, UPON BREEDER'S REQUEST.

This contract is governed by Florida State Law and any legal disputes will be handled in a Florida court of law.

Buyer and Seller’s signature below indicates full understanding, agreement and approval of the 
above terms and conditions:

Buyer:                                                                                                     Seller:  Maria A. Ramos                           

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