I first discovered the Ragdoll Breed many years ago when I was a Social Worker  in New York. I went to visit an elderly client and she had the most lovable, tame, soft and friendly cat I had ever seen. I later discovered the cat was a gift from her son and the breed was.… a Ragdoll! As you might suspect, I increased my visits to this client. I was fascinated with the Ragdolls characteristics and beauty. Nine years ago, I got my first Ragdoll, a pet, and I have enjoyed him as much as I would a dog or even more. After the adoption of my cat, Coki,  my  husband  was   introduced  to  the  breed  and  was   equally fascinated. There was no hesitation from him when I expressed my desire to breed Ragdolls. He has joined me in this wonderful world of breeding, and I must say, I could have not gotten a better partner. He is dedicated and enjoys our cats immensely.

 We have done much research on the breed and have spoken to many well-known breeders in an effort to provide the best conditions and care, in order to raise and maintain the breed's standards, providing kittens that will delight you in every way. We selected our foundation stock from breeders and catteries who have years of experience and impeccable reputation.  Our Ragdolls are raised with loving care. They eat the best food available, and drink bottled water. We make sure their litter boxes are cleaned every day and that they have their health checkups on  time.  We spend many hours of our  day playing with them and making sure they are happy and well socialized.  They are introduced to our large dog  since birth and to all kinds of noises including our grandchildren playing and talking to them for hours, every single day.Thank you for stopping by. Check on all our links and enjoy our Ragdolls pages. If you are interested in a kitty from us, go to our contact page.    
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