This is Popie 
She went to KUSCHELKATZEN cattery in North West Alabama as a breeder. She is a  Seal Bi-color high mitted. Popie is a stunningly beautiful cat with  beautiful thick tail, perfect markins and very fluffy hair 
Mr Holt Writes:
Maria, everyone who sees my Popie wants to take her home.  She's perfect!  Thanks again!
Angela writes:
"Rosie is such a joy to have in my life!  She loves other animals and LOVES attention from humans.  She has never met a stranger!  She is easy going and extremely playful all at the same time.  Her fur is so soft and fluffy with very little shedding. She also loves catnip!! Thank you so much for such a beautiful Ragdoll!!
These beautiful pair are Mario and Luigi. They are, an all white blue eyes baby and his brother, a Flame Lynx boy. They went to Melbourne with their proud owners Kathy and Larry. 
This Is C. J. and he is the  baby of Elaine and Bob from Indiana. He a  big baby, Very robust and husky. He has perfectly leveled boots and beautiful flufy hair.
Elaine writes:

"I can't tell you how much we are enjoying C.J. He is very healthy and full of
 mischief.  I received the registration form today and will send it soon. He is so
 playful and loves to play hide and seek.  Our neighbors and friends think he is
 the most beautiful cat they have ever seen.  We feel so fortunate to have him. 
He has outgrown the little basket but he doesn't know it yet. We are spoiling 
him rotten. We have taken him on a couple of short trips to get him used to 
travel.  He does very well.  We are leaving for Indiana on April 24.  Will let
 you know how that goes. We picked up owr daughter at the airport.  Then I
 told her about C.J. and she loved him. Thank you so much for our beautiful kitten. Elaine!" 

Below, are some pictures of some of our past kittens wich we are very proud to present. 
C. J. at 12 weeks old.
This is Rosie, a beautiful Seal Bicolor, Lynx, born Nov. 2010. She is owned  by Angela from Celebration Fl. 

Look at those stunning eyes!!!!!
    Rosie at 6 weeks old 
Rosie at 14 months old.
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Champion Bloodline Ragdolls
Thanks to all off you who have adopted my babies. I have no doubt that they are in very good hands.
This is Charley. He was born on April/ 2012. He is rottenly spoiled by Heidi in Kissimmee, FL
Charley is a Seal Bicolor, Lynx with stunning blue eyes. SOO PROUD OR OUR RAGDOLLS!
Big husky body, long fluffy tail
Beautifully marked legs
Kathy writes:
"Finally got time to send you some photos. They are doing well and we see them growing so fast! The first one that we brought home that you know as Neon is quite the talker and eater too although he weighed in less than his brother at the vets, we named him Mario and his brother, aka Boo Bear, Luigi. Luigi is so different than Mario, more laid back and loves to cuddle. I call Mario my mischievous one, always in trouble! Mario requires less sleep and always needs to be near you so he will find you if you leave the room and Luigi will just fall asleep wherever he is, loves to nap"

Amanda writes:

"Hi Maria! I don't know if you remember me but I purchased two lovely kittens from you. Lily, a blue bicolor, and Zara, a seal bicolor.

I just wanted to update you now that they are just about a year old! They are both doing fabulously, I really couldn't ask for better cats. I want to thank you so much for producing such quality cats, because my life is just so complete with them in my life!

Lily is so incredibly sweet natured. She will put her front paws on you and ask for a petting or to pick her up. She'll lay in my arms cradled like a little baby and fall asleep! Zara has become very affectionate as she's gotten older, and she's certainly a stunning cat! She has grown so much over these many months! "

I wish you all the best <3

This is BLUE

Currently registered and participating in a beauty contest!
This is Jacqui C a Bue Bicolor Linx, born May 9th 2014 
Karen writes:

"Maria, Thought you would like to see how beautiful my little girl Jacquie has become. She is also the sweetest kitty ever... And loves everyone who comes to visit! We are so happy!!!! Thanks for the most wonderful kitty!!...Karen