I am very sorry, but for the wellbeing of my kittens/puppies and the protection of the buyer, people are not allowed to visit just to SEE the kittens or the puppies. Only those purchasing kittens/puppies are wellcome to come (by appointments only) and to pick your kitten/puppy. Also, when bringing children, please keep your children from misshandling the kittens/puppies, as young kittens/and puppies are very delicate and vulnerable. 

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Champion Bloodline Ragdolls

​ St Cloud Ragdoll Cattery is registered with The International Cat Association (TICA), We maintain a Kitten Wish List. We are not partnered with any other Cattery.You may contact us via e-mail at: stcloud.ragdolls@yahoo.com with your desired color and gender. We will notify you when that particular kitten is available. Or, if you prefer, we will notify you when a new litter has arrived. Each kitten will have their first set of vaccinations (follow up boosters are the responsibility of the buyer), and will be guaranteed by contract to be healthy and free of parasites. In addition, they will come to you with a Veterinary inspection certificate as requested by Florida Statutes 828.29 . We are always happy to answer any questions you may have about our cats and kittens. If we do not know the answer to your question, we will find someone who does. In addition, it is recommend that you read our contract before reserving your kitten, as deposits are not returned.  You can view our adoption contract on the "contract" page. This contract was written taking in consideration the buyers and cats wellbeing, and the reputation of Saintcloudragdolls Cattery. We guarantee your kitten to be healthy and free of disease and parasites. No known hereditary defects or congenital disease have ever been found in our bloodlines. Kittens are sold with a two-year genetic and hereditary health guarantee. Buyer SHOULD have a licensed veterinarian examine the Kitten within 72 hours of delivery/pickup. Failure to take the kitten to the vet at the stated time, will void contract. In the case of any fatal disease found with the kitten, buyer has 24 hours after the veterinary to ask for a Kitten/Cat replacement in writing. This request must be accompanied by a letter from the veterinarian stating why the kitten/cat's health is in question, and a necropsy report.  Kitten will be replaced by another kitten. If another kitten is not available,  seller will replace the kitten with another from the next litter. No refunds of money will take place, and kitten can not be returned to Saintcloudragdolls for the protection of our cattery. In addition, If within the first two year of life a fatal genetic defect is found, the kitten will be replaced with another kitten upon your providing vetinarian records in the form of a necropsy report and the tests results. We require that your kitten be an indoor cat only. No FIP or FELV vaccination is allowed or the health guarantee will be voided. These two vaccines are a risk for the health of your kitten. Breeder will not be responsible for any adverse reactions or fatality to these vaccines. Also, as stated in our contract, declawing kittens is prohibited. 

Our kittens are ready to leave for their new homes at approximately 9 to 12 weeks. They leave us having received a complete vetinarian check, age appropiate vaccinations, worming, and flea prevention. A copy of the kitten’s vet's record and health certificate will be provided. 

An appropriate carrier is required to bring your kitten home . NO KITTEN WILL LEAVE HOME WITHOUT THE APPROPRIATE CARRIER. This is for the safety of our kittens. The original TICA Certificate will be provided to the new owner once proof of nuetering/spaying is presented to SaintCloudRagdols. Finally, they will have been thoroughly socialized and litter trained upon adoption, and as a token of our appreciation kittens will leave our home with a package which include. toys, dishes, and kitty food.
 To reserve a kitten a non refundable deposit of $200.00/$250.00 for pet quality, $400.00  for breeder quality is required to hold the kitten of your choice. DEPOSITS ARE NON REFUNDABLE. The balance must be paid in full at the time of pick up in cash.

 Buyers will be able to pick the kitten of their choice after deposit and after kittens are vaccinated. Buyers will get appointments to pick up the kittens of their choice, in the same order deposits are received. Buyers must pick up the kittens within a week of seller notification of kitten's readiness to leave St Cloud Ragdolls. Otherwise, a 25 dollars per week charge, for feeding and caring purposes will apply. 

 Shipping is available withing the US only and all shipping expenses are the responsabilities of the buyer prior to shipping. These include shipping crate, airline cost and veterinarian traveling health certificate. We are willing to deliver your kittens to your hands at about one hour driving distance at a rate of 100.00 dollars for fuel expenses. 

NOTE: We accept personal checks when placing deposits. Cash only when picking up or upon delivery of the kittens.We also accept Pay Pal. and zelle When paying with Pay Pay, you must add 4% to the payment for processing fees. When Pay Pal fee is not included with deposit it will be added to the balance upon pick up of the kitten.